X902 Clan


The X902 Clan is not only a clan, but an amalgamation of competitive gamers who share common goals and interests. The majority of members prefer to play Call of duty, but there any many other games we play as a clan and you can see examples of some of these games listed in the clan forums. If you've already signed up to the site feel free to participate in said forums and don't forget to register a username so you can participate in the X902 Clan chat as well. Even if you're not necessarily an X902 Member we still encourage you to sign up to the site and participate in the clan related activities such as the clan chat or even have your videos featured in the video section, check out the video section for more details and if you still have questions just contact me. Please take the time to like our page in the bottom right corner and like our Website by hitting the like button on the tool bar. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to ask using the "contact us" page shown on the nav bar at the top of the page. Don't forget to tell all your friends about us in order to help the site grow. Thanks for visiting the official X902 Clan website make sure you check out the videos section.

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